Sport centers

Since its design, Millennium Parking has ensured that its Sense parking system responds to the concept of adaptability. This makes it possible to offer easy solutions to specific demands without the need to “invent” a system.

“Don't waste “energy” finding a parking space”

Installation and Maintenance

For installation and maintenance, we provide all the support you may need when using our products.

Consulting for Construction and Parking Architecture

We provide consulting and guidance for your individual parking environment to ensure you have the most functional customized solutions.

Parking Administration and Maintenance for Equipment

We provide continuous, personalized support throughout the lifetime of your Millennium equipment.

The hotel business depends on multiple factors, it is no longer enough for the hotel to have clean, tidy rooms and an innovative restaurant, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the clients using the best marketing to maximize their occupancy. Profitably and efficiently managing hotel car parks can be an important difference in the choice of your hotel by users and an increase in your income and profitability of your business.

From the small hotel to the large international hotel chains, it is important that the system generates the minimum possible expenses to obtain the best performance from your installation. Equinsa will provide you with innovative technology that will help you achieve the objectives that you set for yourself.

Our solution can integrate the system with door opener cards, hotel key card access system, subscriber control and control capacity for car rental agencies, suppliers, etc.

Similarly, our system offers integrated solutions for tourist and leisure centers such as theme parks, convention centers, corporate events, museums, sports studios, etc...

Advantages for Sports Centers of the Equinsa system:

  • Flexible rates, multiple subscriptions for different types of users
  • Subscriber cards in different formats; (Key, ISO Etc)
  • Multi-centre cards, valid to be used in different centers of the same chain

Characteristics :

  • We integrate parking management solutions for managing parking areas reserved for employees.
  • Integration of the Equinsa automatic guidance system to facilitate the search and recognition of free spaces by guiding the vehicle through interactive panels.
  • Integration of parking management with the sports center management system.
  • Remoting and diversification of parking management to make management more flexible.
  • Increased parking security through the interface with the CCTV system, intercom system, detection of free spaces and parking guidance.
  • High level of parking security, thanks to the recognition, registration and control of license plates of circulating vehicles.
  • Validation of parking tickets in sports centers through integration with your own system or through modern small ticket validators. This allows different types of discounts to be made, depending on the characteristics of the customers.
  • Maximum facility for the payment of the excesses of the stay, through credit card, or Mobile payment through our APP EQP.