Parking Operator Companies For Parking

Since its design, Millennium Parking has ensured that its Sense parking system responds to the concept of adaptability. This makes it possible to offer easy solutions to specific demands without the need to “invent” a system.

“ Efficient management at the parking service”

Installation and Maintenance

For installation and maintenance, we provide all the support you may need when using our products.

Consulting for Construction and Parking Architecture

We provide consulting and guidance for your individual parking environment to ensure you have the most functional customized solutions.

Parking Administration and Maintenance for Equipment

We provide continuous, personalized support throughout the lifetime of your Millennium equipment.

Millennium Parking offers parking operator companies a set of machinery for the management and control of their parking spaces of high quality and durability, which provides the most profitable investment for this type of company.

In addition, Millennium Parking's systems and technology are designed to meet all needs and obtain maximum efficiency from your business.

With our solutions, your benefits will increase, costs will decrease and you will be able to have all the necessary information for decision-making, adapted to new technology and innovations in parking control and management systems.

Many of our clients are large national and international companies in the sector, which have opted and continue to opt for the professional management of their car parks with our system.

Advantages for parking operator companies:

  • Travelers park comfortably and without stress , in an agile way , increasing the flow of traffic and the rotation of vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Integrated e-commerce options , such as our EQP APP or the seat reservation system, which will increase the productivity and profitability of the business.
  • Guarantee of return on investment : long service life and continuous development.
  • Highly reliable equipment that offers efficient operation.
  • Knowledge of the habits and customs of our clients, Effective Marketing through reports and statistics that will help us to know our clients.
  • Integration into public parking systems (airports, etc…)
  • For different types of users , different solutions are offered (subscriber cards, tickets, ticketless, APP...)
  • Remote Technical Assistance Service 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
  • Open system: integration with client ERP, reservation platforms, valet parking and license plate registration.

Characteristics :

  • Automatic and free generation of any type of report required by the operator (accounting operations, tickets, collections, payments, inputs, outputs, etc.). These reports or reports can be made by the operator itself without depending on any external agent.
  • Centralization: All the servo systems of your parking lot; lights, alarms, doors, pedestrian pathways, etc., controlled from a single system.
  • Remoting: All the parking lots of the same operator controlled by a single program.
  • Centralization of all the data generated in the car park in a single database, which allows the solution of incidents immediately.
  • Teleassistance: Remote assistance in real time.
  • We adapt to your database formats.
  • Increased parking security through the interface with the CCTV system, intercom system, detection of free spaces and parking guidance.
  • High level of parking security, thanks to the recognition, registration and control of license plates of circulating vehicles
  • Integration of the Equinsa automatic guidance system to facilitate the search and recognition of free spaces by guiding the vehicle through interactive panels.
  • Tablet-based valet parking system to eliminate vehicle transfer times. The user receives differentiated treatment.
  • Reserve a parking space online through WEB reservation systems, thus facilitating the search for parking spaces
  • Maximum facility for the payment of the stay, through credit card, or Mobile payment through our APP EQP.