License plate recognition system

Integrated License Plate Recognition System for Parking Control

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The RAMA system  is the Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Equinsa Parking Parking Lots.

It is a versatile system , offering multiple solutions for use. It integrates with other of our systems, adding new services and functionalities.

This system makes it possible to increase the security of the premises and  comply with Law 40/2002, of November 14, regulating the vehicle parking contract,  later modified by  Law 44/2006, of December 29 .

The system is in charge of reading the license plate through cameras, which through a program convert the image into a digital signal and register it in a database, allowing the use of this information for better control and management. of the installation, transmitting the identification obtained to the Parking Management System. This supposes a great control of vehicle license plates in the car parks, and therefore greater security . The license plate is also recorded in print on the customer's ticket.

The association of the license plate to the ticket number prevents fraud in the car parks and in the event of a lost ticket , the real time of entry can be located by license plate.

The system is applicable both in car parks and in areas for vehicle access control.

The system allows integration with the Management and Visualization application , including the capture of perimeter images of the vehicle and even a facial image of the driver, which the operator can compare in case of incidents.


  • Maximum reliability of license plate recognition.
  • OCR technology
  • LPR system suitable for all types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses).
  • Increases security and control of vehicles in car parks.
  • System that prevents fraud in car parks: Avoids the use of lost, stolen or validated tickets.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Compatible with mobile access.



Placed in each access road in which you want to perform the license plate recognition. Shoot multiple photos when detecting a vehicle.

The RAMA camera is in charge of capturing the license plates. As soon as it detects a vehicle, it begins to take multiple, high-quality, high-contrast photographs, so that RAMA IP can carry out automatic license plate recognition with maximum reliability and security

.A high-resolution camera with IR focus enables recognition in bright and low light conditions.

The RAMA camera can be installed for use outdoors or indoors. It has a casing with protection according to IP-65 regulations.

Equinsa Parking has a modern camera pole made of an aluminum and steel casing, resistant to the most aggressive outdoor environments and that protects the RAMA camera from any impact.

The RAMA system also has an auxiliary color image camera, to capture the perimeter images of the vehicles and the driver's facial image. With Autoiris regulation Varifocal optics, includes weather protection casing.


The diversity also applies to the types of tickets, and it is that the adaptability of the Sense System is very wide, both for rotation users and subscribers, short or long-stay parking, the client can choose between paper tickets or cards Without Mifare Type Contact, both in barcode and magnetic stripe, or mixed technology that incorporates both modalities in a single ticket. All this without forgetting the innovative Ticketless systems, such as access by license plate recognition, access by Tag UHF and through our EQP mobile application. Multiple options for an optimal system.CONTACTLESS CARDSMAGNETIC STRIPE TICKET

It controls all access peripherals and license plate recognition through the RAMA OCR engine and the corresponding cameras. It is located at the entrances/exits and as many will be installed as necessary, depending on the number of entrances and exits of the enclosure. All of them are connected via Ethernet with the post where the Database and the Manager Application are installed.


The License Plate Control software has been developed to offer the operator a complete support tool for the management system that can be installed independently or together with the Equinsa Parking management system. The system is very agile and fast so that users will not notice your presence (the ticket output will not be delayed). In addition to the license plate, the system allows the capture of side images of the vehicle and even a facial image of the driver.

Our software has the ability to do automatic license plate recognition on a large number of roads at the same time.

Powerful exploitation and management tools will allow the search and issuance of reports in a complementary way to those of the parking management system itself, which will result in greater control of certain incidents within it.

The system also allows zones to be defined, as well as meters in them, providing great flexibility in the possible actions to be taken according to the status of the established meters. One of the added values ​​of the system, in addition to control, is the security profile it provides.

The Database constitutes the means of storage and consultation of all the information necessary for the operation of the system. You can update data in the Database and obtain Listings. Functions for subscribers, rates, companies and users:


  • Registration of subscribers and companies.
  • Creation of zones.
  • System configuration.
  • Machine view.
  • Obtaining listings.
  • anti-passback
  • When registering subscribers, several license plates can be associated with a single place.
  • In the view of machines, the signaling of incidents on the tracks is allowed.