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The SONAR Guidance System is a modular system that can be integrated with other parking systems and whose function is to help vehicle drivers find free parking spaces in the shortest possible time.

This innovative concept of Parking Guidance improves the quality of service offered to the user, increasing the level of customer satisfaction and increasing the profitability of the car park by optimizing the rotation of available spaces by improving the fluidity of vehicle traffic. All this is BENEFIT for the manager in terms of image and profitability.


Personalized software for each car park, designed from the construction plan of the same. It shows the map of the car park on various screens, reporting the status of each space, its occupation time, the Online indication of the free spaces shown by each information panel, in a simple and very visual way.

A highly intuitive program allows you to view all the controlled parameters, panels, probes, statistics, etc.

Just by positioning the mouse on the map of the car park, you will be able to select multiple options, such as viewing the occupancy time, occupation history, etc... in each space. A very powerful tool for managing your car park .

It also offers different types of statistics, such as:

  • Average monthly occupancy between dates.
  • Preference for the use of parking spaces.
  • Evolution of the occupation.
  • Total occupancy times per space.
  • Evolution of the occupancy and vacancy of the car park by hours. Etc.

And it is that the Millennium Parking SONAR Guidance System has a complete and customizable Reporting system according to the client's needs.

In addition, it implies a commitment to the environment since, by reducing the circulation time of vehicles within the car park, the levels of noise and polluting gases are also reduced.

The system is based on the use of ultrasonic sensors that detect the presence of vehicles in the squares, indicated visually, depending on the state of the square, changing color from green (free), blue (free disabled) to red ( busy), visible from a long distance.

The LED or TFT signaling signs inform the user of the availability of free spaces in the different circulation roads and guide them to them, indicating the number of available spaces, as well as their location within the car park, through a complete system of synoptics with texts, arrows, blades, images and videos, in real time.

The communications with the SONAR management PC, the bus controllers and probes allow the parking manager to graphically obtain information on the real occupancy status of the parking lot. Millennium's SONAR Guidance System offers the parking manager an invaluable tool that allows him to obtain all kinds of statistics and multiple lists that will allow him to know the habits and customs of his customers.

Our R&D department has designed an innovative system that makes installation and maintenance as easy as possible , since it is a completely automated system that does not require any special maintenance or trained personnel.


Detection Probe and Indicator LEDs

It is the electronic equipment responsible for detecting the occupancy status of the parking space. It consists of two ultrasound transmitter and receiver sensors, emitting at a frequency of 40 KHz. (harmless to people and animals), it will determine the presence or absence of a vehicle, thus activating the corresponding LED indicator, Green/Free, Red/Occupied, Blue/Disabled free space.

Our SONAR Guidance system also has modern panels in TFT Color Technology, for information to the user and that help the user to find the closest free spaces in a certain direction with added functionalities for parking.

With a panoramic format, it has multiple possibilities: show the number of places available at a certain address, combine messages of available places with text messages, images or advertising videos.

Take advantage of your advantages!

Indicative sign DIGITAL COLOR

control electronics

Control electronics based on the latest generation microprocessor and RS 485 communication, allows control of signs, probes, sensors, actuators and communication with the management PC.

Equinsa Parking has a wide variety of Information Totems that can be placed on main access roads. They can be made to measure and with aesthetic and personalized design, adapting to the needs of our clients.

They indicate the number of free spaces, the status of the Free/Full car park and also include all kinds of advertising. The Totems are built in treated sheet steel and other defined materials to resist outdoor weather conditions and are equipped with ambient light measurement systems to adjust the brightness and consumption of the LED Displays. They can be fixed to the floor or wall.

“The best entrance image to your car park”.

informative totems